What to expect?

from the myth to the reality of yoga

If you are thinking or about to start attending Ashtanga Yoga classes it is important to keep a few details in mind:


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At The Mysore Shala we teach yoga as it is taught in India, without false Western sweeteners that end up turning it into a mere fitness or, even worse, a simple pastimes. We believe in the profound transforming and healing power of yoga, which will undoubtedly range from your most physical part (the health and integrity of your body) to the subtlest and deepest levels of existence such as mental and emotional.


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In the Mysore classes you will learn to manage control over your body through asanas or postures, achieving strength, flexibility and endurance. We will gradually provide you with valuable tools for breathing, concentration and relaxation, which will be very useful for integrating them into your daily life.


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You don’t need special qualities. If you feel your body rigid and not very flexible, if you find it difficult to concentrate, you are especially welcome. We are going to teach you little by little. The first sessions will last a little more than half an hour and will progressively increase their duration. It is a gradual and steady process. Ashtanga Yoga is a method spread all over the world and extraordinarily effective. But do not expect miracles in the short term. Ultimately everything depends on your perseverance and personal responsibility to attend classes continuously and regularly. At first, if you don’t have much time, you should try to come at least twice a week. And with time, according to your possibilities, increase the number of days of attendance. It is obvious to point out that the more you come to class the more you will be able to experience the countless benefits.


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A key point and, unfortunately, very little considered, is the ongoing communication with the teacher. Either during the course of classes or by e-mail. The more the teacher knows about you, the more effectively he or she can help and accompany you on your learning journey. Any kind of doubt or concern, any particular injury or medical condition, or anything else that occurs to you, should be shared with the teacher. It is a pity to contemplate how often practice is abandoned for not having had a fluid communication with the teacher, either because of shyness, neglect (or both).

If you feel your body rigid and not very flexible, if you have trouble concentrating, you are especially welcome.

Allow us

some recommendations and suggestions

If you come in the morning, try to do it on an empty stomach. If at first you are not used to it eat little anyway. An infusion and a piece of fruit will be more than enough. If you come to class in the evening leave a minimum of 3 hours between your meal and class attendance.

Try to drink water regularly throughout the day to maintain a good state of hydration. At the school reception you have water and infusion for when you finish your practice. During classes it is not advisable to drink water.

Cuidar la higiene personal. Es un detalle de respeto hacia uno mismo, hacia los compañeros de clase y hacia los profesores. En la escuela tienes ducha para que la puedas usar cuando necesites.

In the school you have community-use mats that you can use for free. However, it is logical that over time you will make a minor investment in acquiring your personal non-slip mat and your cotton or microfibre mat. At school you have space to store your anti-slip mat and you don’t have to be carrying it.

Help us maintain an atmosphere of silence in the school. When you arrive, try to soundproof your electronic devices and not have conversations on your mobile phone. Logically in the dressing room as well as in the entry-reception you can talk to your classmates but try to be in a moderate tone.


Plaza del Conde de Miranda 1 - local 1
28005 Madrid (España · Spain)

Public opening hours

10 min. before or after the afternoon classes or by appointment via e-mail.


+34 641 16 37 07


+34 641 16 37 07


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Public parking of Plaza Mayor at 200 meters.
The rate for 90 minutes is 3,50 €.

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