Ignacio de Frutos. The Mysore Shala

Ignacio de Frutos

Director of The Mysore Shala and Authorized Teacher by R. Sharath Jois in Mysore (India) – KPJAYI Authorized Level I

Jorge Farré. The Mysore Shala

Jorge Farré

Jorge has been practicing ashtanga yoga for more than fifteen years. He is also a certified Iyengar yoga teacher by the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (Pune, India) since 2013. He has done teacher training with Donna Farhi in New Zealand, and since then has participated as an assistant in several of Donna’s intensive courses. Over twenty-three years of practice he has regularly attended classes and workshops with Christian Pisano, Marta Rodríguez Mahou or Patxi Lizardi.

Laura Camarón. The Mysore Shala

Laura Camarón

Laura is the youngest of our team of teachers. It is not an obstacle for her to travel almost daily the 50 km that separate her house from the school where she comes to practice as a student and also to teach. As well as being an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Laura is a very talented artist and her silk painting work is well known in the best craft markets in Madrid. If you want to see (or acquire) any of her works here you have her GI. Laura assists Ignacio in the evening classes.

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Enrrique Gutiérrez del Alamo. The Mysore Shala

Enrique Gutiérrez del Alamo

Quique is one of the teachers who also make replacements when the usual teachers are on the road. Although we would like to have him on a more regular basis, at many times of the year his work in Film and TV keeps him very involved. In spite of the exigency of his profession, since 2007 he maintains a great continuity and assiduity in the practice of Ashtanga Yoga which is also dedicated to transmit and teach for more than 5 years with total closeness, empathy and implication towards his students. His main reference as a great teacher, of which he has the privilege of being a regular student, is the New Zealander Peter Sanson.

Juanba Romance. The Mysore Shala

Juanba Romance

Juanba is undoubtedly one of the senior and best-known Ashtanga Yoga practitioners in the city of Madrid. His dedication and devotion to the practice is valued by all and his deep knowledge of it is admired by all. Even today he manages to make time to combine his profession as a Electronic Engineer with a daily practice and his dedication as a teacher with us in The Mysore Shala and also in Ashtanga Yoga Alcalá, his residence town. He is a faithful follower and unconditional student of great international masters such as Peter Sanson, Natalia Paisano, Kirsten Berg & Mitchell Gold and Matthew Vollmer, from whom he has acquired great wisdom and understanding of the practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

Esther Rodríguez. The Mysore Shala

Esther Rodríguez-Barbero

Esther is a scenic artist, contemporary dance performer and architect. In her latest works she designs spatial practices through which we can experience other ways of relating to what is present in our daily routines, rethinking habits and behaviors, which in some way has close links with the philosophy and teaching of Yoga. In addition to being an advanced practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga (intermediate series), he helps Ignacio as an assistant in the evening classes. For a long time she was a student of Anne and Lynne Pinette at Ashtanga Yoga Brussels.

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Elena Gonzáles del Pino. The Mysore Shala

Elena González del Pino

Elena comes from the world of Investment Banking, a profession that has been combined for more than 20 years with a deep narrative and theatrical vocation linked to Michael Chekhov’s technique, which seeks the transformation of the actor through the interaction of imagination and the body. Today Elena devotes herself exclusively to teaching yoga while maintaining a daily, deep and very committed personal practice. She continues her way of learning by attending courses and workshops with great teachers such as Mark Stephens, Laruga Glaser, Petri Raisanen or David Garrigues. She helps Ignacio as an assistant teacher in the early morning hours.

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Tamia Déniz. The Mysore Shala

Tamia Déniz

Tamia is one of our most long-standing teachers and although lately, due to her role as an actress of musical theatre, we have had little of her with us, she punctually comes to Madrid to replace us during our trips to India and to transmit to us her great knowledge of the practice of Ashtanga Yoga in which she has been studying and practicing for more than 10 years in depth. She is also a student of great international masters such as Tomás Zorzo or Luke Jordan.

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