What's The Mysore Shala?

Our philosophy in 3 steps

What defines our personality as an Ashtanga Yoga school? We explain it to you in a simple way through our brand name and our logo.

Why Mysore?

Mysore is a place. A city located in South India where all this called Ashtanga Yoga began.

In a tiny room of just 20m2 located in a modest and humble neighborhood. Many Ashtanga Yoga teachers from all over the world travel frequently to Mysore. The place where we go is called K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI). To continue learning from the source itself. For many of us Mysore means many things. Experiences lived that impact all life. Mysore represents a second home. And beyond the displacement to a physical place, Mysore symbolizes a journey towards the interior of oneself. No doubt this will be the most exciting of all journeys.

Mysore. The Mysore Shala

Why Shala?

La Shala. The Mysore Shala
Our vocation at TMS is not to be a yoga center. Nor is it a yoga club. Not to mention a gym.

In this type of format you can find a wide range of different types and styles of yoga. At the same time that many different teachers circulate with the course of time. It is also common to provide other activities such as pilates or feldenkrais that have little or nothing to do with tradition or the philosophy of life that yoga offers. Which inevitably generates some confusion by mixing it all under the unique umbrella of Yoga.

We believe that the word Shala perfectly defines our identity at TMS. Mark our ethos. Why? Shala is a Sanskrit word meaning house, home. In a Shala the atmosphere is intimate, it is close. Shala is a house where yoga is taught and experienced. In a Shala the teachers have not learned to develop their vocation through the popular express courses but have spent years and years of commitment and daily dedication to a personal practice. And their learning as teachers has been done through the traditional method known as parampara, that is, the direct transmission from the teacher to the student. In a Shala the teachers know the names of the students and little by little they follow their progress, adapting the learning pace to their abilities and circumstances, helping them to overcome the obstacles that are encountered during this journey. In a personal and close way. The Sanskrit word Shala is also the root of our Latin word schola, from which other modern terms such as school, école, escuola or school derive. Therefore a Yoga Shala is a house and a school. Both at the same time. A living space and a place of transmission of knowledge and wisdom inherited from centuries and centuries ago.

Why a Butterfly?

The butterfly has been universally used as a symbol and mark of transformation. Of spiritual transformation.

A spiritual person is someone who is nonconformist, open-minded, searching, curious, receptive to change. Regardless of whether they have religious beliefs or believe in absolutely nothing.

The butterfly is the last step in a wonderful process of change. It all started out as a caterpillar, an animal whose only ability was to sneak and crawl on the ground. No more pretensions or possibilities. And in a prodigious way it ended up becoming something light and flexible. With the possibility to fly and move freely. Its beauty is a source of universal inspiration. Like the butterfly, Yoga has this innate capacity for change, for transformation. To let go and free ourselves from old and outdated patterns and paradigms that do not work for us and, above all, cause us suffering. Yoga gives us the possibility to open ourselves to the new. To open ourselves and discover that change which potentially already dwells within us. And that through the inner silence and the close contact with our breathing we will be able to discover little by little.

Logotipo. The Mysore Shala


Plaza del Conde de Miranda 1 - local 1
28005 Madrid (España · Spain)

Public opening hours

10 min. before or after the afternoon classes or by appointment via e-mail.


+34 641 16 37 07


+34 641 16 37 07


Sol / L1-L2-L3 / Ópera / L2-L5 / La Latina / L5

EMT Buses

3 / 17 / 18 / 23 / 31 / 35 / 50 / 65

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Station 9 (San Miguel Market) / Station 35 (Plaza del Cordón)

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Public parking of Plaza Mayor at 200 meters.
The rate for 90 minutes is 3,50 €.

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