Mysore Classes

The perfect way to get started

The most evident and manifest singularity of Ashtanga Yoga practice are the Mysore classes.

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About 80-85% of the schedule of any school that follows the traditional method is devoted to Mysore classes (the remaining time to led classes). Both formats are complementary but Mysore classes are the perfect way to get started. Guided classes can be taken after a minimum period of experience in Mysore classes (which we estimate to be about 10 classes).

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The teaching methodology involves a direct relationship between the teacher and each of the students. It is a traditional method (as it was taught and is still taught in India) but at the same time more simple and infinitely more effective than the usual guided class where a teacher launches general instructions to which all students have to adapt regardless of their personal circumstances and level.

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In a Mysore class the beginner student receives more attention and accompaniment than a more advanced one (as it is natural). The teacher will progressively teach the sequence of ashtanga yoga and will verify, among many other details, that the breathing or alignment are correct. There will be verbal indications and aids in the form of adjustments so that the student can progressively understand and deepen in every one of the postures.

We teach in a progressive way the sequence of ashtanga yoga with verbal indications and aids in the form of adjustments


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