Led Classes

to deepen into your practice

All Ashtanga Yoga schools that follow the traditional method (as taught in KPJAYI in India) have both Mysore and Led classes.

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Unlike Mysore guided classes, all students start at the same time. The teacher directs and verbally guides the students throughout the Ashtanga Yoga sequence. The main objective is that the students learn in an appropriate way the precision of the system and the correct method of the vinyasa system. This is why the class is guided by what is known as the vinyasa counting (with Sanskrit numbering).

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It is very important to note that in order to participate in the guided classes we require students to start a minimum of 10-12 classes. From then on they will be able to attend them without any problem. It is also necessary to know that in these classes it is very common for the teacher to ask students who are in their initial learning phase to finish the class earlier than the more advanced students.

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Our guided classes following the traditional system are on Friday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. From time to time we hold Led classes in slightly longer sessions on Friday afternoons where prior to the guided class we have about 40 minutes where students can ask any questions they have regarding the practice / philosophy of yoga to the teachers. These sessions usually last around 2 hours and are called by email at least 2 weeks in advance. We call them MASTER CLASS

The guided Wednesday afternoon classes (technical classes) deviate slightly from the traditional method but help us to understand and deepen our practice, especially in those aspects that function as fundamental pillars: breath management, energy control, understanding of concentration and breathing techniques or correct anatomical alignment. We could call them theoretical-practical classes. All students from 10-12 experience classes are welcome.

If you are a beginner with a minimum of 10-12 classes, you will be able to attend our guided classes without any problem


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