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The Mysore Shala is an Ashtanga Yoga school authorized by the KPJAYI that is dedicated to the teaching, transmission and diffusion of Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the City of Mysore (India) and today continues to do so his grandson Sharath Jois.

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Are you a beginner?

To begin practicing yoga in The Mysore Shala no specific qualities are required.

All we ask from you is the desire to learn and want to develop the most positive aspects of your life.

We help and support you to embark on this exciting journey.

We offer you three possibilities to start

In The Mysore Shala we make it easy for you. You have no excuse. You can choose from any of these three options.

imagen de opción 1 - principiantes / The Mysore Shala
icono de opción 1 - principiantes / The Mysore Shala
Option 1

Plunge right in

You can start at any time.

It consists of 16 practice sessions over 2 months. Complete flexibility of schedules.

imagen de opción 2 - principiantes / The Mysore Shala
icono de opción 1 - principiantes / The Mysore Shala
Option 2

One Weekend course

Next Date: to be confirmed

From a theoretical-practical approach, it takes place on a weekend. Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

imagen de opción 3 - principiantes / The Mysore Shala
icono de opción 1 - principiantes / The Mysore Shala
Option 3

Book a private session

Next Date: to be booked

The third possibility we give you is a completely individualized alternative.

Choose the option that best suits you!

Contact us at hola@themysoreshala.es for additional information or to clarify any doubts.

…or you have experience

If you already have some experience as an Ashtanga Mysore practitioner you can join our Mysore style classes from the beginning.
We are one of the leading schools in the city of Madrid, authorized by the KPJAYI (K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute).

Email us before dropping in for your first class.

You may also be interested in our upcoming workshops and activities

Throughout the year we have scheduled workshops and activities that will be the perfect complement to your daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

imagen taller - Vía láctea. El camino a las estrellas / The Mysore Shala

Milky way. The way to the stars

Dates: 24 March 2019

In this workshop we open the doors of The Mysore Shala to a new kind of experience: the possibility of being aware of our own spatial-temporal existence. It will be through the knowledge of that immense reality called Universe...

imagen taller - Retiro mindfulness & Ashtanga Yoga / The Mysore Shala

Mindfulness Retreat & Ashtanga Yoga

Dates: 24-26 May 2019

In an idyllic place, surrounded by nature and silence, with wonderful views over the Mediterranean Sea and delicious vegetarian food, the Sakya Foundation - Paramita Institute organizes this 3-day retreat to deeply explore the best of Yoga and Meditation.

imagen taller - Retiro Fin de Semana / The Mysore Shala

Summer Retreat. Girona 2019

Dates: 23-30 August 2019

Next August we will organize a week-long retreat in a beautiful farmhouse next to the town of Besalú, centre of medieval architecture and urbanism and only 31 km from the capital Girona.

Are you curious to find out what they say about us?

We present the testimonial of some of our long-time students.

You will be able to see how yoga has flourished in their lives, changing them for the better.

Gustavo Salmerón

Actor and Film Director

“Now that I have moved from one neighbourhood to another I don’t mind crossing half the city to continue attending my Ashtanga Yoga classes. The atmosphere and warmth of the shala is amazing. And for me, the incredible quality of teaching offered by Nacho and the whole team of teachers at The Mysore Shala continues to be of great personal and professional worth.”

Alice Lettieri

International Sales Assistant

“Ashtanga Yoga is MY moment of pause and disconnection.”

Ricardo Díaz

Events Coordinator

“”My connection to the ashtanga emerged as love at first sight. Since I tried it it was like when you include something new in your life and you feel that it works well and fits perfectly. When I practice yoga I feel great, as if I am awakening to a life of peace and complete serenity.”

Daniela Jakobs


“Ashtanga not only makes my body stronger, it also calms my monkey mind.”

David Alonso

Telecom Engineer

“Practicing yoga for me is like setting things in their natural place (close to balance?). On a physical level: eliminate muscular tension, strengthen the back to endure long days, stretch almost all parts of my body. On a mental/emotional level: reduce anxiety and stress. Feeling lighter, happier and with more resources.”

Sinaida Díaz


“Ashtanga helps me to leave the mental noise of our time and to connect with my true self; through a physical practice in which breathing, and not thoughts, becomes my guide.”

Jorge Sánchez


“I started the practice of Ashtanga Yoga after a traffic accident, that was and is my real rehabilitation. Ashtanga tests your limits in all its dimensions, but behind the practice there is something deeper than the merely physical.”

Inma Fernández


“Asthanga yoga has made me harmonize body and mind giving me a great energy that has allowed me not to tiptoe through life, but with full consciousness. Thank you The Mysore Shala for being part of it.”

Álvaro Navarro


“Within the madness and disorder on the physical and mental level that a tour involves, Yoga makes me feel and return to the right path, gives me the satisfaction of doing things right, and helps me want to be a better person with the people around me and with myself. I have no doubt that it has become something permanent and that it will be with me for life.”

Clara Massetti

Teacher of Design and 3D Printing

“I’ve already turned my first year in The Mysore Shala. I practice Ashtanga Yoga a couple of times a week and it certainly makes me feel good physically and mentally.”

Chisco Fernández

Social Worker and Advisor to the City of Madrid

“Total practice, body and mind, in the best shala in Madrid.”

Macarena Lozano


“Asthanga Yoga has changed my life, mind, body and connected me to myself.”

Manu Oropesa

Industrial Engineer

“It is a pleasure to practice yoga in this shala. Added to the involvement and closeness of the teachers, ashtanga is already part of my life. ”

Dori Casado


“Asthanga is silence. It’s my moment of the day, mind in silence and just breathe. Thank you The Mysore Shala for guiding me.”

Helena Ramos

Language Teacher

“I first arrived at The Mysore Shala a little by chance a few years ago and since then, ashtanga has become a very important aspect of my day-to-day life. Although practice is a constant challenge that can sometimes be hopelessly frustrating, it’s hard for me to think of a single day when I haven’t gotten something positive out of it. In this sense, the help of each of the shala teachers, their constant attention and the confidence they have made me feel from the beginning has been fundamental to me.”

Santiago Pindado

Aeronautical Engineer. Professor of University

“I’ve been a regular at The Mysore Shala for a few years now. I believe that yoga is fundamental to achieve the physical and mental balance that I need on a professional and personal level. The teachers have been adapting the practice to my ability since my first day, and I couldn’t be happier with the environment for my yoga practice provided by this room.”

Ana Peñas

Literature PhD. University Professor

“I came to The Mysore Shala in 2013 loaded with worries, health problems and stress. Thanks to Nacho, Ainhoa, Juanba and other teachers and classmates for so many good experiences, lived and lived!.”

Jorge Merino


“The practice of Ashtanga Yoga allows me to find a point of union with myself and provides me with the physical and mental balance necessary to cope with the dynamics of everyday life. The working method of The Mysore Shala, which adjusts to the singularities of each student, has been fundamental for my understanding of the practice and my evolution in the discipline of Ashtanga.”

Sandra Crespo

Social Worker

“Asthanga Yoga for me has become a fundamental practice and necessary to connect with myself, both physically and emotionally, transports me to a state of well-being away from the chaos of day to day, where I finally focus on myself and I can regain the harmony so necessary to be able to continue … with the chaos. And, if you also do it in a place as pleasant and welcoming as the shala and with Nacho and the other teachers accompanying you throughout this process, the result is simply wonderful…”

Join Our Community

Be part of the great group that has been part of The Mysore Shala since our birth in 2012 and that has been shaped through classes, workshops, retreats, trips and trainings.

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And… who is leading the shala?

Ignacio de Frutos

Director and Founder The Mysore Shala. Authorized Teacher KPJAYI (Ashtanga Yoga Institute)

On June 3, 2012 Urban Yoga was inaugurated in Madrid, changing its name from March 2019 to The Mysore Shala. We are located in one of the most central, beautiful and dynamic places of the city.

Hundreds of students from more than 25 nationalities have passed through the school. I continue to travel every year for 2 months to India to keep on learning in Mysore directly from my master Sharath Jois (director of the Ashtanga Yoga Institute, KPJAYI) and studying the philosophy and tradition of India under which a great wisdom is enclosed.

After introducing the teaching of Ashtanga Yoga to more than a thousand people and with more than 5000 hours of practice as a teacher, in January 2018 Sharath Jois granted me the Authorization (Level I) and his full confidence to continue the transmission of the teaching of Ashtanga Yoga with complete fidelity to the original method. Read more >

“I devote myself with total commitment and energy to the teaching of Ashtanga Yoga.“

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The Mysore Shala

Plaza del Conde de Miranda 1 – local 1
28005 Madrid (España · Spain)


Plaza del Conde de Miranda 1 - local 1
28005 Madrid (España · Spain)

Public opening hours

10 min. before or after the afternoon classes or by appointment via e-mail.


+34 641 16 37 07


+34 641 16 37 07


Sol / L1-L2-L3 / Ópera / L2-L5 / La Latina / L5

EMT Buses

3 / 17 / 18 / 23 / 31 / 35 / 50 / 65

Renfe Cercanías

Sol / Principe Pío (branch to Opera)

Bici Mad

Station 9 (San Miguel Market) / Station 35 (Plaza del Cordón)

Car & Scooter Sharing

EMov / Car2GO / Cooltra


Public parking of Plaza Mayor at 200 meters.
The rate for 90 minutes is 3,50 €.

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